What benefits could Reflexology provide?

  • Reduces stress and aids relaxation
  • Helps with anxiety
  • Improves quality of restful sleep
  • Relieves digestive complaints
  • Balances and restores energy
  • Assists with pain relief
  • Brings about detoxification
  • Increases circulation
  • Stimulates the nervous system
  • Encourages hormonal harmony
  • Rebalances the body and aids the equilibrium of health.

Foot Reflexology

Treatment Session 60 minutes


During a Foot Reflexology treatment process, I will ask that you sit reclined on a therapy bed, there you will have pillow to help you feel as comfortable as possible, (pillows will also be placed under the knees and a small pillow under the ankles for ease of access to the feet), I will also ask whether you would like blanket for your comfort.

Unlike other complementary physical therapies (such as massage), you are required to stay fully clothed. I will need access to the lower leg a foot, so appropriate clothing to allow this is advisable. 

I apply (suitable to the individual client) reflexology balms that are all natural and have no nasty chemicals, preservatives, and can contain essential oils. If I am using balms with essential oils that are suitable for yourself, and with your consent-I advised that you bring socks to wear after to allow the best potential penetration of these miraculous essential oils and carrier oil.

The art of Reflexology must not be confused with basic foot massage or body massage in general. It is a specific pressure technique which works on precise reflex areas on the feet corresponding with all body parts. As the feet represent a microcosm of the body, all organ's, glands and other body parts are laid out in a similar arrangement on the feet.

Pressure is applied to the reflex areas using specific thumb and finger techniques. This causes physiological changes to take places in the body as the body's own healing potential is stimulated.

Thus, the feet can play a major role in attaining and maintaining better health.  [Inge Dougans- The Art of Reflexology]


Hand Reflexology

Treatment session up to 60 minutes

Most people associate Reflexology with the feet but Hand Reflexology has certain advantages. For example, it can be used in situations where there is neither space nor time o work on the feet, and on people who have ticklish feet or are sensitive about having their feet handled. [M.Keet- Hand Reflexology]

This treatment is very similar in set up to a foot Reflexology treatment session.

I will ask you to sit at your comfort on a therapy bed, there you will have pillows to support you and a blanket for your comfort.

I will need access to  each of your lower arm and hand, then I sit next to you and will place on a pillow on my lap.

I will apply the same balms and lotions according to the foot Reflexology information (see above).


Please contact me for further infromation.

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