Initial Consultation Information.


I just want to present to you some information on the astonishing therapeutic benefits of reflexology:

Reflexology is a theory and therapy that uses the feet and hands to treat the whole body. This therapy is the practice of applying specific massage techniques to points on the feet and hands in order to influence the health of the corresponding parts of the body. We utilize these techniques to: aid health, encourage relaxation, prevent disease, reduce pain and stress and overall improve quality of life to name but a few benefits.

I would like to take this opportunity to provide you with some information I shall be presenting you in our first consultation on the treatment appointment.

One is the consultation form that will be completed either with me , or before the treatment via the link I will send you on confirmation of your first appointment. This medical history information must be completed before any treatment can take place. Only 1 form will be required to be completed no matter the number of treatments we decide to book in for you. All information and medical histories will be kept confidential.

In order to comply with new General Data Protection Regulations I am required to provide you with a statement about what personal information I hold about you, what I will use it for and how long it will be retained. If you are able to read it in advance of your appointment that would be helpful. 

Secondly and quite important is the Contraindications list of medical conditions - there are only a few things we must consider with when applying Reflexology, however please read this list carefully as any of the stated conditions boxes will either prevent the treatments from going ahead until to contact your health care professional to allow the treatment to proceed, or are confident that you can sign knowing all implications.

Thirdly is the aftercare pamphlet that I will present to you. It indicates the possible side effects that you can experience post treatment. Please note, that side effects do not always mean a negative side effect. If any of the post treatment symptoms are felt- it is a positive sign that the treatment has had an effect to improve health!

What to expect in a typical Reflexology treatment:

During a Foot Reflexology treatment process, I will ask that you sit reclined on a therapy bed, there you will have pillow to help you feel as comfortable as possible, (pillows will also be placed under the knees and a small pillow under the ankles for ease of access to the feet), I will also ask whether you would like blanket for your comfort.

Unlike other complementary physical therapies (such as massage), you are required to stay fully clothed. I will need access to the lower leg a foot, so appropriate clothing to allow this is advisable. 

I apply (suitable to the individual client) reflexology balms that are all natural and have no nasty chemicals, preservatives, and can contain essential oils. If I am using balms with essential oils that are suitable for yourself, and with your consent-I advised that you bring socks to wear after to allow the best potential penetration of these miraculous essential oils and carrier oil.

Is Reflexology safe and suitable for me?

Reflexology is generally safe for everyone, but all health diagnosis must be taken into consideration carefully. Some conditions are contraindicated, and details of this can be found on my this page below.

If you have been diagnosed with any condition (from high blood pressure to arthritis etc) and are taking medication it is advisable that you seek advice from your health care provider to check whether Reflexology is suitable to have alongside your treatment programme. And please disclose at our appointments any medications you are currently taking and any changes prior to treatment is performed.

Normally it is absolutely fine, but it is best to ensure you are getting the best possible care.

Please feel free to contact me about appointments or any worries about reflexology you may have so that we can discuss them together.

I am looking forward to meeting you and your feet at our first appointment!

Kind regards


R J Parker Reflexology




Please use all information with discretion. 

Information provided is a guide only. 

Any concerns should be discussed with Reflexologist.

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